As this is a labor of love, I'd like to keep a chronicle of all that I add and hopefully relate some great stories from all of you! The most recent posting is on top...scroll down to see how it all began!

August 8, 2019

Just added another adventure - Brush Passes and Dead Drops. This particular adventure was a snippit of an adventure that I created for my son and his friends in high school. I drove them all over the city as they frantically looked for an agent that was walking into a trap. They had to stop him before he made contact with an asset that was about to turn him in. They had SUCH a great time...especially when I had a HUGE friend of mine stationed at one of the stops in the city to come over and frantically shake the car trying to intimidate the boys into 'talking.' I remember one of the boys began to buckle under the pressure and suggested that they open the door. The others shouted NO and shouted for me to take off driving out of the parking lot we were in. DEFINITELY a high point to the adventure!

August 6, 2019

Today was my oldest son's birthday - can't believe I'm the father of a 23 year old. Just uploaded a new adventure activity - The Hunter Becomes The Hunted. This is a new one and I'm looking forward to taking my sons out to do this with their friends. We recently moved to Florida so I'm not sure yet where we'll do it (need a place with a lot of woods/cover.) Florida isn't exactly known for woods...still, there's got to be a place. Looking forward to hearing from others on this one!

July 30, 2019

I've expanded some of the website options to include a way to incorporate basic video game elements into the whole adventure activity set up process. Now parents will be able to do somewhat of what I did in that each activity will be worth a certain amount of XP (Experience Points in video game terms.) I know with my boys I had a very complex way of keeping track of different skills...decided instead to describe a MUCH simpler way so that folks out there don't get overwhelmed when setting it up. As a game designer, I'm much more comfortable with creating and designing game rules and formats 'on the fly' as I need to and replicating what I did for over a decade would be just too much, I think. I hope that folks start incorporating the elements - it's going to REALLY get their kids excited about the adventures even more than they potentially are!

July 23, 2019

Added the first adventure - Professor Lumbly's Potions. I remember creating this a long time ago (many years ago, in fact) when the Harry Potter movies were well on their way to International notariety. Looking forward to hearing how others enjoy the adventure.

July 17, 2019

Just added the Disney section to the Adventure Dad website. That feels pretty good because that is Disneyland's birthday (July 17th, 1955.) I'm really excited about that section of the site because Walt Disney as a man has inspired me more than just about any other man - his courage is what has inspired me. Amidst so much adversity he was able to create and innovate. Folks were always warning him that he was a fool. He made lots of mistakes...but anyone who does great things makes mistakes. It's the way of things...

July 10, 2019

I finally relaunched this website - definitely a labor of love. So exciting to finally get it up and running again (bugs and all.) There's not much to see at this point, but I'll be adding adventures constantly - and looking forward to every one of them. Wanted to thank my wife and sons for making my own life an adventure as I share about all of the cool things we've done as a family over the years. My hope and dream is that this website will inspire other parents all over the world to 'think beyond the screen' and take the extra time to plan special memories for this children that don't involve a video screen. This world that we live in is AMAZING - it's where all the 'good stuff' is and if we don't show it to our children, they'll miss it.



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