The mini adventures detailed on this site can be done as stand alone fun activities for just about anyone. However, they can be oh so much more! There are certain aspects to video games that make them so addicting. By combining those aspects with the activities, you'll be able to provide a continuing LIVE video game for your friends and family to participate in. With each new activity they'll earn more Experience Points (known as XP in the gaming world.) With that XP they can also LEVEL UP! (Let's face it...we're addicted to that almight 'Leveling Up!"

So, what in the world are we talking about when we say 'LIVE video game?' So glad you asked.

By 'LIVE' we are referring to activities, whether small or large, that involve putting someone through a scenario in the real world that they would normally only watch in a movie or a video game. This might include setting up any number of the following activities to be completed in the REAL world:

* Hunting for Bigfoot in the woods or on your next camping trip.

* Meeting a covert CIA operative in your own city and completing a 'dead drop.'

* Hunting for a vampire in the city and figuring out how to defeat them.

* Diffusing a bomb (once it's found, that is)

* Releasing your family from an ancient curse brought about by an ancient Mayan idol

* Construct your own lightsabers (that look and FEEL real!)

* Crawl under an Egyptian pyramid looking for treasure.

* Set a leprechaun trap

* Locate a dragon egg

Then, we'll attach those exciting activities to the most engaging aspects of video games (i.e. earning XP, rankings and leveling up) to create something simple to implement and outright addicting for your kids and something that they'll look forward to inviting their friends to join them on! (Of course, all of the adventure ideas posted on this site can be set up without adding these components, but if you plan on doing more than one you'll find that it will be well worth the little extra effort to keep track of a few points when you see the eager reaction from your kids!)


Each of the adventures posted include a 'back story.' Do your best to not neglect this aspect of each story. The back stories become the answer to that glorious question "Mom/Dad, why are we even doing this?" You'll be discovering lost cities and hunting down vampires. Get into the back story and they'll get into the activity. Those kids who play a lot of video games will fully understand the concept of the back story and will enjoy the fact that you've included one into your activity.


Want to know how to get your kids excited about your adventure right from the beginning? Tell them this: "Sure, you can handle yourself in a video game...but how well do you think you'd handle yourself doing the same thing in real life? Let's say we put it to the test." This will hook EVERY teen and preteen (the toughest 'sells' in any family activity typically.) Your younger kids will be excited to participate without needing that kind of build-up.

Before you set up your first adventure, explain to your kids that you'll be keeping track of experience points (commonly referred to as XP.) The better they do and the more they complete, the more XP they will earn. Be sure to have a CLEARLY defined chart for XP rankings. You, of course, can create your own, however all of the adventures posted on this site will be using the following chart to keep a consistent system of awarding XP for the adventures:


Beginner First Class
Explorer First Class
Adventurer Second Class
Adventurer First Class
True Adventurer
True Adventurer Third Class
True Adventurer Second Class
True Adventurer First Class



Each Adventure idea posted on this site will have a corresponding XP point value, as well as a few suggestions for how to award those points so that it's not a given that they will receive full points for ANY adventure. In fact, it's highly suggested that you do not award 100% XP to any adventure unless they did something extraordinary!

When your children see that their actions, however phyisically challenging or uncomfortable (and exciting) they might be, will earn them XP, they'll be fired up to work hard at leveling up. As an ADDED bonus (though completely optional) you might consider a small token award at each/some of the ranking milestones. For example, each time they reach a "First Class" ranking they might receive a coupon for an 'excuse to not do a chore' or the 'ability to stay up an extra hour before going to bed.' Although not necessary, these additions can sometimes help those that are having a difficult time getting behind the adventures in the beginning (once they've done a few, though, you might find that you no longer need the additional reward incentives - the adventures themselves will be their reward.)


Each activity listed details a potential/suggested break down of possible points. To illustrate, let's take the Thundara's Potions adventure as an example.

Total XP Possible: 600 (Possible point breakdown: Finding the list(s) (25), how eager they were to look for the items (25), their success in locating each of the items - awarding a larger portion of points to the more difficult items to find/obtain (400), completing all of the ingredients to a single potion - divided by the total number of potions possible (150)

In this adventure, the participants will be looking for ingredients to complete several different potions for a local wizard. Below is a possible detail of what happened and suggestions for awarding points based on the description above.

* They had a little difficulty at first locating the list(s) but then caught on to what they were supposed to do - off to a good start! - award them 20 out of 25 points

* They were very eager to start and have fun - award them 25 out of 25 points

* There are 10 different ingredients that they must find - five difficult ones to find and five easy. Within the 30 minutes (the length of time they have - of course adjustable if you desire) they find all five easy items and three difficult ones. Since the difficult ones would be worth more of the total than the easy, you might consider offering 20 points for each easy and 60 points for each difficult (400 total). This would give them 5 x (20) + 3x (60) = 280 XP.

* If there were three potions to make, then you might award 50 XP for each completed potion. Let's say they completed two of the three lists. They would then be awarded 100 points.

That would leave a total of 25 + 25 + 280 + 100 = 430 XP for the adventure!

Inspired? We hope so. Overwhelmed? Don't be. We'll step you through the process every step of the way to help you choose the right type of adventures for your family - from the simplest to the most exciting! When you're ready to check out the possibilities for bringing these live adventures to YOUR family and begin creating real memories,


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